White-crowned sparrow on my porch

Side view Visitor


About MorningStar

I'm a seeker, and I'm a listener. I believe that we are all parts of a single Consciousness, like cells in a body, and that how I am at any given moment affects all the rest and the whole. I want for my life to be an expression of love and compassion, and where it is not, there my work lies.
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2 Responses to White-crowned sparrow on my porch

  1. Abbie Aw says:

    How’d you get the little feller to sit still? Great pics!!

  2. MorningStar says:

    They are so skittish, Abby; I don’t know how I got the picture. With chickadees, I can just stand in the doorway and click away, but these guys take off at the slightest movement. Thansk!

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